Thank you to all my friends and family for assisting me with publishing my first book, "Bits of Poetry Spoken Word". It is now time for book #2!

"Hills And Valleys And The Spiritual Warfare In Between"

Life can suddenly veer in an unexpected direction, however it is God who helps us maintain our perspective even when we've been redirected, rejected and broken. This book entails the struggles, ambiguities and victories of this spiritual journey. It is my hope that this book embraces the reader who is facing these trying times and help them hold tight to their faith and persevere. - Author Alma Fisher

My book is now for pre-order! This is a special project which includes an audio book of my spoken word. As a spoiler alert, expect singing as well. In the preorder package you will get 1 audio cd, 1/ 15-Day Devotional/Workbook, 1 Book Mark and 1 Poster for your donation of $50.00. I am asking for at least 40 people to make an investment. Please consider pre-ordering a packet for yourself and another individual.This book is for everyone, not just women this time. Thank you again for all your support. 

My intention is to raise awareness of the great God that I serve. Not only to raise awareness, but to also make known that there is healing available for all. No matter what walk of life you may come from or what type of fight you are dealing with God is able and he is not a fable.